Dear parents/guardians:

Yesterday Dept of Education advised against use of Zoom platform for online/remote instruction citing security concerns. In order to facilitate that advice/concern MOHDC has begun searching for an alternative option that is equally efficient and user friendly- while not requiring paid subscription or changes to computer operating systems in the short or long term. As soon as this is done and staff adequately trained we will begin transitioning to that new platform.

Meanwhile, in order not to disrupt or reverse learning patterns and momentum our children have already established we propose continuing use of Zoom with inclusion of tighter security measures. For example family will now get a secure password to join daily sessions; and may have to enter a ‘waiting room’ to be recognized and admitted by teachers before accessing online classroom.

Finally, please bear in mind whenever we venture online there’s always an inbuilt element of risk to our privacy. However we can lower that risk by practicing general precautionary measures such as: turning off devices when not in use, disabling device modems when working offline; and being mindful of information we share during online communications. For those interested additional privacy tips will soon be available on our website

Ray Edwards
MOHDC Exec Dir

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