Parents, don’t miss out on MOHDC SmartStart Nature Academy and Learning Center’s summer camp! We have seven weeks of incredible programming and activities planned that will engage your child academically, socially, emotionally, and healthfully. Your children won’t just come to play, they’ll come to benefit from a caring staff and a robust curriculum. They’ll leave our summer camp with an experience they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Some of the interest areas we offer include homework assistance, remedial learning, test preparation, financial literacy, urban gardening, music, and sports. We also have enrichment programs for parents and families, as well as several exciting trips throughout the summer.

You can call our office in East New York at (718) 935-2067 (from 8AM -6PM, Monday -Friday) or stop by our locations to sign up. Our address is 533 Blake Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207.

Register today with MOHDC SmartStart and give your child an alternative to Brooklyn’s streets and playgrounds. Give them a fun-filled summer that they’ll remember and benefit from, long-term.

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