Summer camp is in full swing at MOHDC SmartStart Nature Academy! That means children are working, learning, and playing toward a better and brighter future with a smarter start. We have many bright faces coming to us every day and they are going back home better prepared than before they came to us (a little messy from painting crafts, but still better!).

So far, some of the projects we’ve seen our campers work on include essay writing, painting, printmaking, and some urban gardening. We’re very pleased with the work being done by our students already and we want to thank our amazing staff, teachers, and counsellors for making it happen. The children use some of their creative energy in the afternoon to run relay races, play frisbee, and engage in other organized sports that teach them teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The best is yet to come because we have more in store for the children. We’re looking forward to the continued support of the children, parents, guardians, supporters, and the community because the children we’re training will go back there to live, learn, and build. We want the best for them and we need all the support we can get!

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