Our first trip for summer camp, and our first time having Wild Wednesdays, was a blast! Our excited campers made the brief trek to Martin Luther King Jr. Park and wasted no time in releasing their pent-up excitement.

The trip was originally scheduled for Wednesday but was rescheduled to Friday because of rain. Everyone found it ironic, because the whole idea of this trip was to get wet in the sprinklers! We rescheduled for safety, though, so your child would not be exposed to the dangers of lightning and persistent rain in an open area outside.

The campers opted to focus on water play, foregoing any of the planned organized games. They splashed, screamed, ran, bounced, jumped, climbed, romped, stomped, screamed, yelled, gamboled, and frolicked to their heart’s content in the golden summertime sun.

Take a look at the video we uploaded to our Instagram account for a few moments of the fun in the sun!

To see it in HD, take a look at the video on our YouTube page!

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