Are you ready to send your little ones back to school? School begins on Thursday, September 5th this year and some children just aren’t ready to give up their endless play of summer for structured learning in the fall. Don’t worry, we have a few tips to help get your child back in the swing of things for a successful school year.

Spend some time with your child developing a few routines and rituals you can do together to transition to the school schedule. Some ideas include:

  • Establishing wake up times and routines
  • Eating breakfast at a consistent time every day
  • Ensuring they are ready to leave the house at the same time, even though they are not actually leaving yet
  • Establishing an afternoon routine (what will they do when they get home?)
  • Setting a cut-off period for games and activities
  • Establishing a consistent bed time

With two weeks left before school begins (depending on your child’s school, of course), you will have enough time to get your child’s internal clock reset and their minds prepared for the new school year.

Make sure to read the Back to School webpage on the DOE website for additional tips to get started.

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