The wonderful children at MOHDC SmartStart can walk on lily pads. They can also hug a cloud, put bears in cups, sleep in castles, and do other amazing feats that seem impossible to do. How? What makes them so capable?

We encourage them to use their imagination. It’s been said that if you believe it you can achieve it, so we encourage every one of our children to dive deep into their imaginations and find something amazing to believe in. This helps them to strive for greater accomplishments that probably wouldn’t be considered otherwise. Just think about this:

  • “Walking on lily pads” could lead a child to develop bravery and feel confident in calculated risk-taking
  • “Hugging a cloud” could encourage a child to pursue a career in aerospace
  • “Putting a bear in a cup” could give a child the confidence to take on monumental tasks, like being a social reformer
  • “Sleeping in a castle” could encourage a child to travel the world and become familiar with the rich cultures in many countries

We believe that each child is a genius waiting to happen. Encourage your child to use their imagination. See where it leads them. Then, as the parent, help them realize their goals!

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