Our 3K class concentrated on our bodies for the weekly focus. They learned about the different parts of their bodies and what those parts are for. The students sang songs about their body parts like “Dry Bones” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” and made images of their body. Each student learned about their physical characteristics by naming and labeling their body parts.

One of the best parts of the lesson was the segment on tooth brushing. Many young children are not aware of proper oral hygiene and often skip brushing their teeth. This presents a huge problem for them, especially if they enjoy sugary sweets. Germs, bacteria, and sugar deteriorate their little teeth and cavities begin. Prevention is better than the cure, so we advocate healthy snacks and, of course, tooth brushing. We used our harmless, toothy, green dinosaur as a mascot for the children to interact and practice with.

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