Dear Families and Friends of our young scholars,
We invite you to join us for our yearly SmartStart Family Potluck on Thursday, November 21st at 11:30AM at our Blake Avenue location. All of our classrooms will unite as one and share in this special moment honoring the tradition of sharing during this joyous season.

Feel free to send your little scholar with the contribution of a dish or other item that will support the occasion. We also invite volunteers that can aid in the planning, decorating, or setting up of the event. Involve your little one in the process of choosing or preparing the contribution, this boosts their sense of pride and demonstrates the value of collaboration at a very early age.

Please speak with your child’s teacher about your availability or intentions prior to the event as this will help us plan accordingly. If you’re going to attend we kindly ask that you inform your child’s teacher by Monday November 11th so that we can get an accurate count of adults.

Thanks again for being a part of our team, we appreciate you!

Ms. J

P.S. Please note that we provide a nut free environment for the safety of our children.
We also must discourage meals that include shell-fish, high sugar content, or pork.

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