Summer has begun and is in full swing at MOHDC SmartStart Nature Academy and Learning Center. We have a full summer of activities planned for your children and want them to enjoy their time away from school and still enrich their minds.

We have four main subjects planned for your children. Academic Advancement, Personal and Social Development, Gross Motor, and The Arts, in addition to our Daycare program. In Academic Advancement, your children’s brains will be stimulated, refreshed, and expanded so their return to school in the Fall won’t be an uphill battle. They’ll be ready!

With Personal and Social Development, your children will learn skills to better themselves and function better in group settings. In Gross Motor, your children move their bodies in coordinated motions to improve their balance, dexterity, and group cooperation. With The Arts, your children are exposed to music, dance, and visual stimuli to enhance their cultural awareness. The Daycare children continue to explore and learn to prepare them for their transition to preschool.

We also have trips planned! Your children will enjoy a variety of trips—recreational and educational. Outdoor trips allow for fresh air, sunlight, and exposure to nature. Indoor activities, like in museums and cultural centers, allow children to see valuable artifacts and respect space.

Keep your eye out for the permission forms that your children will bring home. Make sure to sign and return them in a timely manner so your child can benefit!

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