This year at MOHDC SmartStart Nature Academy and Learning Center we will focus our summer camp on diversity. It’s a popular buzzword in our society and for good reason: it encourages exploration and learning! Embracing diversity means embracing inclusion and affirmation of so many new perspectives and that helps broaden your child’s horizons both at school and in the outside world.

New York City has nearly 9 million people coming and going in it every day. That’s a lot of people! With so many people, it’s important to be able to understand and respect who they are. These people have children who will meet your children one day. They’ll grow up together, work together, change the world together, grow old together, and teach the next generation together.

Diversity isn’t only about ethnicities, religions, and cultural garments. Diversity includes abilities, interests, styles, and much, much more. We will be exploring this theme with your child. Please ask them what they’ve been learning and continue the discussions at home.

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