This year at summer camp, students at MOHDC SmartStart Nature Academy and Learning Center are exposed to a wide variety of creative and visual arts projects. From dance, to painting, to crafting, to theater, there is a lot of exciting activity going on.

Working with art materials allows your child to explore their creativity in a variety of ways, improves their hand-eye coordination, shows them alternative viewpoints, and builds their self confidence. Sure, they may get paint on their clothes, but they learn to make a mark on society!

Remember to ask your children about what they’re learning in summer camp so they can share their good times with you. We know sometimes parents’ schedules don’t permit them to have as much time talking with their children as they like, so take the opportunity to talk about something your children are experiencing daily. They want you to be familiar with their activities and talking about their day is a great way to fulfill their need.

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