Our scholars made Valentine’s Day cards in class. Each card was a hand-made, one-of-a-kind original unlike anything else that’s been made before. Better, in our opinion, than anything that could have been mass-produced and purchased in a store. Each card was made with a colored piece of construction paper with a red heart affixed to the front and a custom message of love inside for the recipient.

With children, Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with amorous affections. It has everything to do with letting the caregivers in their lives know they are appreciated. This is usually shown through the giving of handmade cards and lots of hugs and smiles. Children are naturally lovable and are loving beings. They exhibit traits and perform actions that make people love them, and their tender little hearts don’t have malice, so they want to express love (in their own innocent ways) to those special persons in their lives.

Encourage your child to develop their tender emotions, and to express them positively with words. This will give your child an opportunity to develop the skill of communication so they will be able to talk to you about life’s problems when they get older. Do it in love, it’ll be worth it!

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