Hot on the heels of Black History Month, MOHDC SmartStart Nature Academy is now celebrating Women’s HERSTORY Month. We use the term herstory instead of history to put the emphasis on women’s accomplishments.

This month, our scholars will learn about Lorna Simpson again and there will be a greater emphasis on her art making. At the end of March there will be an in-house exhibit at our Blake Avenue location with the children’s artwork. In addition, they will learn about and discuss other women who were radical enough to change society, and affirm the current women in their lives who have made a difference for them (and others).

Parents, guardians, and supporters—we encourage you to celebrate Women’s HERSTORY Month with your children. Make this a month of awareness, empowerment, and enlightenment so everyone can see the rich contributions of women, past and present. This young generation of scholars can be the generation to bridge the gap on gender equality issues and make it safer for women to exist in our society.

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